Photoshop Tutorial


Familiarizing with Adobe Photoshop tools

Photoshop tools for Selection, Cropping, and Measuring


Tool Name


Move Tool

Move (V)

Moves selections or layers.

Marquee Tool

Marquee (M)

Makes rectangular, elliptical, single row, and single column selections.

Lasso Tool

Lasso (L)

Makes freehand, polygonal (straight-edged), and magnetic selections.

Quick Selection Tool

Quick Selection (W)

Make selections by painting.

Crop Tool

Crop (C)

Crops an image.

Eyedropper Tool

Eyedropper (I)

Samples pixels.

Retouching and Painting Tools


Tool Name


Spot Healing Tool

Spot Healing (J)

Removes imperfections.

Brush Tool

Brush (B)

Paints the foreground color.

Clone Stamp Tool

Clone Stamp (S)

Paints with a sample of the image.

History Brush Tool

History Brush (Y)

Paints with the selected state or snapshot.

Eraser Tool

Eraser (E)

Erases pixels—or reverts to a saved history state.

Gradient Tool

Gradient (G)

Creates a gradient.

Blur Tool

Blur (no shortcut)

Blurs pixels.

Dodge Tool

Dodge (O)

Lightens pixels in an image.

Note You can create a floating Tools panel by clicking on the gray title bar at the top of the Tools panel and then dragging it to a new location. You can dock it again by dragging it back to the left side of the workspace; release when you see the blue vertical bar appear.

Drawing and Type Tools


Tool Name


Pen Tool

Pen (P)

Draws a vector path.

Horz. Type Tool

Horizontal Type (T)

Creates a type layer.

Path Selection Tool

Path Selection (A)

Allows you to manipulate a path.

Rectangle Tool

Rectangle (U)

Draws vector shapes.

Navigation Tools


Tool Name


Hand Tool

Hand (H)

Navigates the page.

Zoom Tool

Zoom (Z)

Increases and decreases the relative size of the view.

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